Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zoo Animals and Pollution

A report has pointed to animals at Buttonwood Zoo Park as sources of pollution in nearby Buzzards Bay.

            Animals at the zoo suffer from pollution that is in the world today. There are so many animals that are becoming extinct because of the pollution. All pollution is harmful, however the water that the animals drink are polluted. This issue was even address from the Bush administration. “The Bush administration announced new standards today for the largest animal feedlots that call for a reduction in water pollution” (BECKER, 2002). This issue is notice. A lot of the water pollution comes from agriculture.
            This is a problem that has an effect the entire world. Here is a picture of a lion playing with a plastic bottle.  This is an awful thing, just think about what they are drinking because of pollution. This was a picture taken at the Nehru Zoological Park (Singh, 2010). Animals at this Zoo have died because of pollution that was found in their systems. They have found that the disease that minors died from is the disease that these animals are dying from, chronic lung disease. The animal’s lungs are shrunken and darken.
            What can be done about the lost of these animals? Awareness on how pollution is affecting our environment and it is harmful for all species. We need to recycle and reuse.  We also need to educate ourselves and others on pollution and the effects of it. We are the only ones that can change this situation and make our environment safe for all. This is our planet in it is up to us to keep it from pollution. It is not an easy task but it is durable. Let’s all pull together and save ourselves and our animals by stopping the pollution as much as possible.

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